ARWA Training Class

Utility Board Member/Decisionmaker Training

In the dynamic and evolving sector of water and wastewater management, being adept at making knowledgeable decisions is quintessential for utility boards. This specialized training course is meticulously curated to bolster the decision-making acumen of utility board members and decision-makers, ensuring the delivery of safe drinking water and apt wastewater disposal for their constituencies.

Participants will delve into a blend of theoretical and practical insights, focusing on sound business practices and effective utility management crucial for the utility's long-term sustainability and success. The interactive discourse and sessions planned in this training series will traverse through common challenges and evolving needs in utility governance and operations.

Class Agenda

03:30 PM04:00 PMRegistration / Fellowship
04:00 PM04:15 PMWelcome / Informational Update
04:15 PM05:00 PMGenerational Funding Opportunities
05:00 PM05:45 PMSystem Evaluation Best Practices: Rates, Assets, & more.
05:45 PM06:30 PMUpdating the Workforce Acquisition and Training Process Using the Apprenticeship Model
06:30 PM07:15 PMDinner Provided
07:15 PM08:00 PMPFAS, What You Really Need to Know.
Insight Engineering
08:00 PM09:00 PMRegulatory Updates

Event Information

City of Enterprise Farmers Market
525 N. Main Street
Enterprise, AL 36330
  • CEH Type:
  • Water/Wastewater
  • CEH Hours:
  • 4.25 hours
  • Start Date:
  • 12/13/2022
  • Start Time:
  • 3:30 PM
  • Cost:
  • $0.00

Event Point of Contact


Derek Pierce
Class Moderator