ARWA Training Class

Utility Board Member/Decisionmaker Training

In the dynamic and evolving sector of water and wastewater management, being adept at making knowledgeable decisions is quintessential for utility boards. This specialized training course is meticulously curated to bolster the decision-making acumen of utility board members and decision-makers, ensuring the delivery of safe drinking water and apt wastewater disposal for their constituencies.

Participants will delve into a blend of theoretical and practical insights, focusing on sound business practices and effective utility management crucial for the utility's long-term sustainability and success. The interactive discourse and sessions planned in this training series will traverse through common challenges and evolving needs in utility governance and operations.

Class Agenda

02:30 PM03:00 PM

Participant Registration and Networking - Kickstart the training session by registering and engaging in initial networking with fellow participants and experts in the field.

03:00 PM03:15 PM

Welcome Address and Key Updates - A hearty welcome followed by crucial updates regarding the training session and the water and wastewater utility sector.

Derek Pierce, ARWA
03:15 PM04:15 PM

Legal Ethics and Political Advocacy in Utility Management - Delve into the intersection of legal ethics and political advocacy, exploring how these elements play a vital role in utility management.

Mike Cole, Wilmer & Lee - Attorneys at Law
04:15 PM05:00 PM

Navigating Funding Opportunities - Uncover various funding avenues and learn about financial management strategies crucial for the sustainable operation of utilities.

Panel Discussion, USDA-RD - ADEM-SRF
05:00 PM05:45 PM

Asset Management: Focusing on Increasing Revenue - Explore asset management principles with a spotlight on maintaining tanks properly with the addition of Telecommunication Antennas ensuring longevity and service reliability of Water Towers. .

Jim Higgins, Southern Corrosion 
05:45 PM06:30 PM

Dinner and Continued Networking - Enjoy a sumptuous dinner while continuing to network and share insights with peers and industry professionals.

Sponored in Part By, Southern Corrosion
06:30 PM07:15 PM

Optimizing Engagement with Laboratories for Accurate Results - Learn strategies for engaging effectively with laboratories to achieve accurate testing and analysis, enhancing utility service quality.

TBD, Pace Analytical 
07:15 PM08:00 PM

Regulatory Landscape Update - Stay updated with the latest regulatory changes and understand their implications on water and wastewater utility management.


Event Information

Bobby MIller Activity Center
300 Bobby Miller Parkway
Tuscaloosa, AL 35405
  • CEH Type:
  • Water/Wastewater
  • CEH Hours:
  • 4.25 hours
  • Start Date:
  • 12/07/2023
  • Start Time:
  • 2:30 PM
  • Cost:
  • $0.00

Event Point of Contact


Derek Pierce
Class Moderator