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HACH Instrument Workshop

This upcoming event will showcase a comprehensive range of laboratory products and services from HACH, a renowned leader in analytical instrumentation and solutions. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore HACH's cutting-edge laboratory testing equipment, precisely calibrated standards, and high-quality glassware that adhere to the strictest industry standards.

Moreover, a highly trained HACH instructor will be on hand to provide in-depth demonstrations and hands-on guidance, ensuring attendees gain practical knowledge on the proper operation and applications of each instrument. This invaluable expertise will empower attendees to maximize the potential of HACH's advanced solutions and streamline their laboratory workflows with confidence.

By attending this event, participants can expect to not only witness the latest innovations in analytical instrumentation but also acquire the skills necessary to leverage these tools effectively, ultimately enhancing the accuracy, efficiency, and productivity of their laboratory operations.

Class Agenda

08:00 AM11:30 AM

HACH Training

This session will highlight HACH's comprehensive offerings for laboratory operations, including their advanced testing equipment, precise standards, and durable glassware. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience with these products under the guidance of a skilled HACH instructor, who will provide detailed demonstrations and training on the proper utilization of each instrument. Participants can expect to enhance their knowledge, witness cutting-edge innovations, and learn techniques to optimize accuracy, efficiency, and productivity within their laboratory environments.


Tyler Carter / HACH


11:30 AM12:30 PMLunch 
On Your Own
12:30 PM03:00 PM

HACH Training



Tyler Carter / HACH

Event Information

Matthew Davis Evergreen Fire Station
514 Rural Street
Evergreen, AL 36401
  • CEH Type:
  • CEH Hours:
  • 6 hours
  • Start Date:
  • 05/16/2024
  • Start Time:
  • 8:00 AM
  • Cost:
  • $0.00

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Class Moderator