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Lead and Copper Materials Inventory Training

This training will cover how to conduct a Materials Inventory list for compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule. Corrosion Control can be essential to maintaining compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule. We will have instructors on hand to discuss corrosion control optimization, and cost effective measures in maintaining corrosion control. After attending this class, participants should be thoroughly familiar with the methods for selecting sites for Lead and Copper Testing within your distribution system, and different methods for corrosion control.

Class Agenda

08:00 AM08:15 AMWelcome and Introduction
Jon Lowe/ARWA
08:15 AM09:15 AM


The session will provide an in-depth exploration of the unique cybersecurity challenges faced by critical water infrastructure systems. Students will examine potential attack vectors that malicious actors could exploit to disrupt operations or gain unauthorized access to industrial control systems.

09:15 AM11:00 AM


This session provides an in depth look at PFAS. These are man made chemicals that have been widely used due to their heat, water and stain resistant properties. These chemicals are found in many water sources throughout the world.

Scotti Wells / InSite Engineering LLC
11:00 AM12:00 PM


Own Your Own

12:00 PM02:30 PM

Lead and Copper Update 

ADEM has issued new regulations updating the state's lead and copper rules for public drinking water systems. These updates aim to strengthen monitoring requirements, improve corrosion control treatment, and enhance public education efforts to reduce exposure to lead and copper from aging pipes and plumbing components. Water utilities must comply with the revised testing protocols and treatment standards to better protect public health.

Robert Compton/ADEM
02:30 PM03:30 PM


Safe Drinking Water Act Update

Jon Lowe/ARWA
03:30 PM04:00 PMQuestions and Evaluations
Jon Lowe/ARWA

Event Information

West Escambia Utilities
369 East Avenue
Atmore, AL 36504
  • CEH Type:
  • Water
  • CEH Hours:
  • 7 hours
  • Start Date:
  • 07/24/2024
  • Start Time:
  • 8:00 AM
  • Cost:
  • $0.00

Event Point of Contact


Jon Lowe
Class Moderator